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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

City of Heroes Collectible Card Game

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:56 PM
GamingNot to be the outdone by Penny Arcade, NC Soft has word of a CoH CCG from Alderac Entertainment Group, whose arguably most notable accomplishment would have to be the venerable Legend of the Five Rings CCG, though I could very well be wrong, and let's go ahead and--just for the sake of argument--assume that I am.
"The goal of the game is to take your Hero into the arena and defeat your opponent’s Hero, in this case reducing his health to zero. Through missions, additional powers, enhancements, and sidekicks, you can ‘upgrade’ your Hero, effectively leveling him up.

Although most our named Heroes are going to have determined powersets, we are including generic Heroes who are effectively blank slates for you to build from scratch!"
Sounds like an expensive version of Fight City. But then, doesn't everything?

Coming in November.


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