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Monday, August 29, 2005


Posted by Nathaniel at 1:37 PM
ComicsWebcomic print newspaper second volume to launch October 2005

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, August 29, 2005 - Originally published independently in 2001, Zoinks! Magazine makes its return to promoting webcomics, and the talented people who create them, beginning October 2005.

Published bi-monthly in a tabloid newspaper format, each issue of Zoinks! Magazine is filled with interviews, reviews and previews from webcomic creators both large and small. In addition to industry related articles and news, each issue of Zoinks! Magazine also has a large comics section that brings some of the best known, and unknown, web-based comics to the printed page.

“We’re the arts & entertainment newspaper for webcomic readers and creators alike,” says Bill Charbonneau, BoneFlake Studios’ President. “Zoinks! Magazine is one part webcomics industry magazine and one part funnies page, all meant to be a smorgasbord of entertainment and information.”

Unlike the biting commentary often found in alternative arts & entertainment newsweeklies, Zoinks! Magazine was conceived to promote the webcomics industry in a positive light.

“We’re not here to rip anybody a new one or destroy the egos of creators who are just trying to make their way,” says Charbonneau. “Zoinks! is all about showcasing the fun of webcomics. Our goal is to make people want to read more webcomics by showing them the good stuff. It’s really that simple.”

With a webcomic review column from Digital Strips Podcast hosts Zampzon and Daku, a top ten list from TheWebcomicList.Com, and articles written by webcomic fans & creators, each issue of Zoinks! Magazine is truly a webcomics community effort.

“We have been fortunate enough to develop partnerships within the webcomic community that will help make each issue of Zoinks! a much more rounded read for fans and creators alike,” says Charbonneau.

Zoinks! Magazine is currently available only through single-issue orders and annual subscriptions directly from the Zoinks! Magazine website. The website also provides comic submission information and webcomics industry news submission forms.

Volume 2 Number 1 ships September 30, 2005 to all subscribers.

To visit the Digital Strips Podcast website, logon to:

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