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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The $1200 X360 Bundle at GameStop

Posted by Nathaniel at 2:07 PM
GamingYeah, this is what I want. I want to spend $1200 right out of the gates on the next generation of consoles. I especially love this quote:
The Xbox 360 Ultimate Bundle means ultimate satisfaction. With 11 of the hottest XBOX 360 games and all the accessories you will need, this bundle will definitely satisfy even the most hardcore gamer.
How can they be the 'hottest' games when they don't even exist yet?! You will also note that the 1-year product replacement warranty is mandatory. Is that the way of the future? I certainly hope not.

I certainly do hope, however, that any fool fervent enough to purchase this fiscally reckless package realizes that half those games will likely not make launch. But hey, so long as GameStop makes money, right?

The most remarkable part is that if you add up each item separately, it comes out to roughly $1192. So, you know, you're saving about 8 bucks there. That's important.
System: $400
11 Games @ $60 ea: $660
Wireless controller: $50
Play & charge kit: $20
Rechargeable battery: $12
Xbox Live 12-mo card: $50
1-year product replacement: [$8?]

Total: $1200


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