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Monday, July 25, 2005

ZOINKS! Magazine returns!

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:21 AM
ComicsI've been waiting for the official website to go live before announcing this, but it appears as if Evil Network friend and colleague Bill Charbonneau of Voices in my Hand has finally resurrected ZOINKS! Magazine from the infernal pits of eternal damnation.

If you remember, ZOINKS! is a newspaper-style magazine that actually started--and, unfortunately, finished--in the fall of 2001. Bill has brought the beast back to life, and the Evil Network is once again involved in the ensuing debacle. Maybe we're to blame for the original ZOINKS! attempt not working out quite as planned. We may never really know the truth. However, this time, both yours truly and Evil Network cohort Dacquin will be supplying ZOINKS! with quality, slightly evil, content *. I'll be interviewing Blank Label Comics and I believe that Dac is working on gaining entrance to Jason Salsbury and Matt Kaufenberg of Pet Professional, but please do not quote me on that, as he could just as easily be interviewing a hermit crab for the upcoming issue of Crabs & Weasels Quarterly. There are people who are into that sort of thing, you know.

So we impore you to subscribe to ZOINKS! Magazine and support an endeavor that shall be yet another step towards lifting webcomics up to the mainstream spotlight. And because if you don't, well, we don't get paid. And that's sad. Because I have eight children at home that haven't eaten since March.

Okay, I have one kid and he ate breakfast this morning, but still, the money. Come on.

Later on, my review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince **.

* quality not guaranteed
** despite the claim, Harry Potter is most definitely not real. Hermione, however...


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