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Friday, July 29, 2005

Webcomics Nation launch

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:51 PM
ComicsJoey Manley, the webcomics guru who brought us the subscription site Modern Tales back in 2002, has finally set aloft his baby in a basket: Webcomics Nation.
WCN takes all the daily hassle of running a successful webcomics service and automates it completely, so that any individual cartoonist can easily and quickly run a top-of-the-line commercial webcomics site.
Basically Webcomics Nation is the pay-for-play version of KeenSpa...uh, I mean..Comic Genesis. You pay a very slight $10 monthly fee and get access to an astounding set of content administration tools for managing your online comic. While free always sounds so much better than NOT free, the fact that this minimal subscription cost nets you such a robust web management toolset, it's definitely worth investigating for the online cartoonist looking for a web publishing home.

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