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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Online Comic Spotlight

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:10 AM
ComicsWe haven't done an Online Comic Spotlight in quite a while, so I thought I'd put together an over-sized edition that pays tribute to major recent events.

First off, I somehow overlooked the announcement of the winners of the 2005 Cartoonist Choice Awards. No fault on my part, I assure you. It was mainly due to the fact that the awards just aren't that big of a show anymore ever since the major online comic creators decided to shrug them off as quaint and charming little awards and basically completely ignored them. But I digress. I've added the following winners of various categories to the listing. I haven't added everything, mind you, just some of my hand-picked favorites. Winners already on the list have been, for obvious reasons, left out.

Copper Kazu Kibuishi (Outstanding Art)
Digger Ursula Vernon (Outstanding Black and White Art)
PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi Bleedman (Outstanding Character: Visual)
The Discovery of Spoons Alexander Danner & John Barber (Outstanding Use of Flash)
Something Positive R.K. Milholland Outstanding Character: Writing)
The Perry Bible Fellowship Nicholas Gurewitch (Outstanding Comedic Comic)
Dicebox Jenn Manley Lee (Outstanding Science Fiction Comic)

These comics are excellent pieces of work, and definitely deserve their honors. Congratulations, winners!

In addition, in honor of our upcoming preliminary issue of Zoinks!, and our interview with Blank Label Comics, I've added the ranks of BLC to the listing, as well.

Greystone Inn Brad Guigar
Melonpool Steve Troop
Real Life Greg Dean (already on the list, but deserves more recognition)
Sheldon Dave Kellett
Shortpacked! David Willis
StarShift Crisis Kris Straub
Ugly Hill Paul Southworth
Wapsi Square Paul Taylor

And, finally, with Dacquin's upcoming Zoinks! interview with the creators of Pet Professional, Jason Salsbury & Matt Kaufenberg, that comic has also been thrown onto the list.

Quite a hefty Online Comic Spotlight today, so dig in! There's plenty to explore!


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