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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Killer 7 - First thoughts

Posted by Dacquin at 8:23 AM
GamingThis is not a review, but I did want to say some things about Killer 7 before I did do a review later on. I was kinda scared because reviews haven't been great, and some of the webcomic gaming sites have said it's bad, but I just wanted to throw in my two cents for now.

This is one messed up game. And I'm really not joking. I'm on Stage 2 and there have been some things that have been strange (a real understatement), some things that have been gorey, a few tedious parts, some good bosses, and one scene that made me almost cut out my eyeballs, beacause I was so disturbed by the imagery. All I can say is that if things don't start to make sense by Stage 4, I'll want to start a psych evaluation on the makers of this game.

I, for one, love the rail system. I'm probably the only one. I always hate exploring and trying to find secrets in shooters and it bugs me to death. In this game, things are very straightforward, and I like it that way.

I'll let you know later on what I truly feel about it.

7/24/2005 12:29 PM: Anonymous ThePrawn said...

It won't start to make sense by stage 4. It's likely you'll still be thinking "Huh?!" after you beat it--I've played through it a few times, haven't put it all together yet . . . but I love it. I, too, loved the rail system--I think it really fit, in this case. It's a great, albeit f*cked up, addition to my collection.

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