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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

First impressions - R-Type Final

Posted by Dacquin at 12:59 PM
Ok, I have a review for YS 6 and Killer 7 to do and I'm going on vacation on Friday, so maybe I'll try and get those done before I leave, but I'm playing R-Type Final right now, so I could be distracted. While I'm at it, I have some questions for the developers of R-Type.

1st question: 97 ships to unlock? Are you nuts? Yes, there are 100 ships in this game. Surprisingly, each ship has their own special shooting style, making each game with a different ship a unique experience. So far, 2 out of 5 unique experiences has been painful.

2nd question: Battle mode is for strategic R-type fighting and you can't control your ship? That is not acceptable. You don't play R-type for strategy. You play to blow stuff up.

3rd question: Why can't I change the way my ship faces? You let it move all around the place in your movie sequences, but it can't change for shooting backwards? Yes, you have your pod that can fire behind you, but one of those 2 out of 4 experiences revolved around a pod shot that shoots about 2 centimeters towards your enemy and doesn't do much damage. It's situations like this that make the Reset button a nice alternative that to keep on playing.

No review for R-Type Final will come soon due to vacation, but it will come.


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