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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Video Game Violence Debate

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:46 PM
1up has an interesting article up that is basically a side-by-side interview with anti-violent video game lawyer, Jack Thompson and professor of comparative media studies at MIT, Henry Jenkins. Henry defends the value of video games as an educational entertainment source, while Jack mainly discusses how he believes violent video games will someday lead to the ultimate and untimely destruction of the universe. My favorite quote from Jack:
Eventually there is going to be a Columbine to the factor of 10, a slaughter in a school by a crazed gamer. And when that happens, when America figures out these kids were filled up with virtual violence, Congress may ban the games altogether. You wise guys who think you're so clever about saying what kids ought to play and then putting [Mature] games in the hands of those kids, you will wish you listened to me.
Definitely worth a look-see for anyone interested in either side of the debate.


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