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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Spells & Whistles Returns

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:49 AM
ComicsTauhid Bondia's Spells & Whistles is back online, under a new banner and sporting a much more intricate look. The art appears tighter and more detailed, and it is also being referred to as "Spells & Whistles: 2nd Edition". Tauhid promises that the comic has changed, but for the better:
First of all this is no longer a gag-a-day (gag-a-week?) strip. Infact it can't rightly be described as a strip at all. What I'm doing is creating a story here. Fans of the old S&W know that it wasn't real heavy on plot and that humor was the driving force behind things. The reverse is true now though not the extreme reverse. The humor is still there. I like to laugh and I like to try and make others laugh so I'll not be loosing that aspect anytime soon. However the story that is told will be a large part of the thing now. Try and think of S&W 2E as a funny story where S&W was a oneliner.
You may remember that Spells & Whistles was an Evil Network Comics Spotlight a while back, and one that I was very sad to see disappear. I am definitely looking forward to this new story.


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