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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Infinite Canvas Made Easy: the Tarquin Engine

Posted by Nathaniel at 2:42 PM
Are you thinking of creating a webcomic? Are you considering that avant-gardé style du jour, infinite canvas? Might I suggest instead you simply stab out your eyes with a sharp stick? No? Well, then, you may be pleased to know that new media guru, Daniel Goodbrey--in association with Webcomics Nation--has released The Tarquin Engine. From the site:
The Tarquin Engine is a tool for the creation and delivery of zooming infinite canvas webcomics. In it's current form it exists as a series of Action Script routines within a Macromedia Flash FLA file. Users can customise this template file through a simple drag-and-drop process in order to create their own original infinite canvas narrative.
In no time at all, with very little prior knowledge of the intricacies of Flash, you too may be creating monstrocities such as this on your very own computer, you no-talent hack!

In all honesty, I love it when people put together simple-to-use tools and resources that make it easier for others to be able to create what they love. Free and simple blogging tools comes to mind, just as an on-hand example. While I thoroughly despise the constant clicking, re-centering, and seemingly endless scrolling, scrolling, scrolling inherently involved with infinite canvas, I appreciate that others are doing all the labor in order to make these tools available for the general webcomic public to enjoy. I just hope that not too many of my favorite cartoonists decide to jump ship and take this opportunity to convert their formats to the dreaded infinite canvas.

Sorry--I meant fucking infinite canvas.


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