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Friday, June 24, 2005

The Doses, they are truly Lethal...

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:59 AM
ComicsNot to be outdone by Tauhid's resurrection, "old-school" webcomics favorite Lethal Doses, by Lemuel "Hot Soup" Pew, comes back from an even longer hiatus.

Of course, Soup hasn't been a complete stranger to the online comic world, having abandoned LD in favor of the more dramatic storylines of Winter, which also went on hiatus sometime last summer.

So, in other words, welcome back, Soup! We missed you and hope to see you stick around for a while! Maybe ArshrAAm and I can have yet another cameo? We'll talk. =D

6/28/2005 6:07 AM: Blogger ArshrAAm said...

Wow! Great news! :D

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