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Monday, April 18, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution Diary - Day 1

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:27 PM
by Dacquin

Keep in mind, I’ve played quite a bit on DDR, it’s just in these last two weeks I’m have left to practice, I need to keep focus on tournament gameplay. I’m reflecting on my DDR practices and things that I’ve learned through regular DDR gameplay and Stepmania, a PC simulator of DDR (I'll get futher into it later in the week).

Right now, I play 5 stages on DDR Extreme (Playstation 2 DDR game) back to back to build some stamina. Since the games will be randomized, I play a 9 footer, a 6 or 7 footer, and 8 footer, anther 6 or 7 footer, and finally, a tough 9 footer. I could have to play all 9 footers, or they could be easy 6 footers, you just never know with Random. Of course, I could be eliminated in the first round and this could all have went for nothing, but I try not to think that. I don't play all 9 footers because I'd run out of energy quickly and I know I won't have to play 9 footers all day long.

I need a metal pad. I play on soft pads all the time and I have nearly no experience w/ arcade pads. The closest pads are 20 minutes away and broken. I want to get Cobalt Flux pads in the future because they last the longest among regular pads, however I don't have $340 lying around. I doubt I ever will.

Anyway, I'm going to give the basic runaround of learning DDR throughout the next 2 weeks, starting with Beginner tips and ending with Challenge tips.


Beginner’s Tip #1
Starting a beginner isn’t a shameful thing. You have to start somewhere. And that somewhere is right in the middle. Stand in it. Embrace it. For now, as you begin to play, try to hit the arrows and put your feet right back into the middle. Every now and then, you’ll have to move both feet at the same time to hit some arrows and you might lose your center, but there are plenty of times in beginner songs to look back down on Beginner songs to make sure you’re back in the middle so you can accuractly hit your steps.

The purpose of doing this is that you’re starting to build your concept of the center of the pad. When you’re doing more difficult songs, you’re not going to have the privilege of getting to look down at arrows. When you've reached Heavy songs, you'll probably never look down again. But, for now, just concentrate on the middle.


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