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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution - Day 3

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:28 PM
by Dacquin

Okay, I'm fed up with playing on the Playstation 2 with my messed up pad. So, I've unplugged the pad and I now use Stepmania for exercise and practice. I turn off the losing feature so the game won't immediately end and try to hit the arrows. I won't be able to see what I hit, but I couldn't see what I hit on DDR Extreme, so I think this way is a lot better on me.

I also learned if I concentrate real hard, I can slow the arrows a little bit in my mind and step a little faster. Kinda like DDR Kung Fu. Helps on 9 footers, but of course, I wouldn't know if I'd win or not yet.


To help with the transition to Beginner to Light: Stepmania.

This is the program I talk about. The computer DDR. However, you need to find songs to play to and there are a few sites out there like BemaniStyle that have these files, but it's kinda illegal since you're downloading copyrighted mp3s.

But the main focus here is to help you play better. I never really played DDR but I played lots of Stepmania. I was able to play Light and skip Beginner immediately upon playing it for the first time. Playing Stepmania will help you watch for arrows and get your timing down.

Of course, it takes a little while to build up to Heavy. I never thought I'd be able to play that kinda of difficulty, but I finally got there.


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