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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nintendo 'Revolution' Details

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:21 PM
So, Iwata has given his keynote address at this year's highly-anticipated GDC, and it was--as expected--simply astounding. As a long-time fan of everything Nintendo, I admit that even I have been skeptical about this mysterious Revolution console, details being horrendously cryptic and instilling fear and doubt deep into the dedicated gaming core of even the most staunch Nintendo fanboy/supporter.

But now it seems our fears have been eleviated, at least for the time being. It appears as though the Revolution will be backwards-compatible to the GameCube, an intelligent direction for Nintendo to go given the success Sony had with this moving from Playstation 1 to 2.

Not only that, but the Revolution will be wireless internet accessible right out of the box. Iwata also outlined details on a WiFi network for the Nintendo DS, likely akin to Xbox LIVE, only in the handheld arena. It is speculated that with both WiFi announcements coming so close together, there is the potential for cross-platform gaming, but no such possibility was actually discussed or demonstrated.

I have to say, until today, I was just about writing Nintendo off for the next generation. I was considering just getting the NextBox, or Xbox360, or whateverBox, and sticking with Nintendo's handhelds for the future. But now, they have my curiosity most understandably piqued.

Tune in for more details. Hopefully here. Maybe elsewhere. I'll let you know.


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