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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Heavy Weapon

Posted by Dacquin at 3:31 PM
Popcap, man. It comes out with such addicting games. I'm sure you all know it by know, but finally they came out with a violent game! Woohoo! (I haven't checked Popcap in 3 months, due to a Typer Shark addiction I had)

The game I'm advertising is called Heavy Weapon and I love it. You control a tank and you have to shoot many different air vehicles that shoot missiles and lasers at you. You can collect many power ups like homing missiles, lasers, spread fire, and nukes. I wish the Deluxe games weren't $20....

Happy Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate or else.....

3/28/2005 6:35 PM: Blogger Savage Alien said...

"Happy Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate or else....."

Too late.

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