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Friday, March 04, 2005

Final Fight Review (NES)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:27 PM
by Dacquin


For some reason, arcade ports are always missing something. I bought Final Fight expecting arcade-quality gaming. To this day, I’ll replay the game, and I still don’t get much of a kick out of it. But, back then, this was a very popular game.


Through replaying this game, I feel it receives

2.3/5.0 No real lasting value to me, despite the fact I’ll still play it over and over again.

First off, no Guy. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! You can play as either the muscle-laden mayor Haggar or the fast fisted Cody. Guy was the medium guy who had some muscle and some speed. Since there wasn't him, I docked my score. The story is that you have to rescue Haggar’s daughter from Belgar, who has taken her hostage. I can kinda imagine this kind of scenario since Arnold Schwartzingger came to be an important public figure. Wouldn't that be cool?

Playing the game, your characters seem a little slow and while enemies can run, you can’t. The game is a has two buttons that allows you to either jump and punch. You can do so much with this!!!! *sarcasm* Alongside redundant punching, you fight many redundant enemies. There are about 7 groups of enemies: fatsos, druggies, musclemen, henchmen, knife guys, punks, and Andres. To spice up originality, they have a variety of these groups that you’ll take on, but there’ll still be a redundant feel to it.

I’m saying redundant a lot, but that’s what it is. Once, you get the gist of all the enemies you fight, all that’s left in variety is fighting the end bosses. Some of the bosses are easy to fight, while others are near impossible to beat without losing a few lives. Also, trying to hit some mini-bosses and bosses is hard or impossible to do, making you scream at your TV screen. You get five stages of this kind of fighting.

What DOES the game have going for it? It’s wonderful graphically for it’s time period. It kept a bit of the graphic quality of the arcade the best that it could. In using the cheat code (Hold L&R on title screen and press Start), you can make your game harder by changing the amount of energy enemies have and the amount of enemies there are.

Just playing games today, there seems to be a better way of keeping your interest in a fighting game. However, due to the slowness of the game, the lack of fighting moves you can do, and the small amount of things to keep your interest, there’s not much to brag about with this game. And for some reason, every year, I’ll play it over again like the crazy deranged person I am. It's not a bad game, it's just not captivating enough to hold anyone's interest.

Oh, and the person at Capcom who thought it'd be funny that if you'd eat Edi.E's chewed gum and you'll get full health is a sicko.


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