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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Contest #1 - Video Game Stories

Posted by Dacquin at 10:53 AM
We all know you have them, don’t deny it. You have those video game stories that you like to brag about to other geeks. The time when you came so close to losing, and then you came back to take the win from your opponent. Or there was a game so intense, that when you won, and how you won, have stuck in your mind. Those stories where you just had seconds to spare and you barely pulled it off.

We want to hear your stories. But, of course, don't make it mundane. Make this story into an epic story about your triumph over the game. When you create your story, post it on the Evil Network Games post featuring one of my stories I wrote. The top three stories will be chosen between the Evil Network staffers and there will be a public vote on which story is the best.

The top story will receive a $10 gift certificate to and will be published on the Pencil Network.

The deadline for the story is March 23rd. Voting will last a week afterwards and the winning story. Good luck!


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