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Friday, February 11, 2005

Spelunker Review (NES)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:26 PM
by Dacquin


I’ve realized that I’ve done a few reviews on popular NES games that everyone enjoyed. What about a game that I feel not many people have gotten to play? That’s why I’m reviewing Spelunker.


So, to the average gamer, is Spelunker worth it?

2.9/5 Tryable and probably enjoyable.

I like this game, it’s kind of nostalgic for me because whenever I got tired of playing my other nintendo games, I went back to Spelunker. The objective is you’re a miner who’s trying to get the big treasure in this newly discovered mine. You’ve got to tackle the terrors of the mines and get past obstacles to reach the prize that waits for you at the bottom.

The weapons that you have at your disposal are bombs (to blast through rocks), flares (to destroy bats), and your gun (used to take care of ghosts). You have an air gauge with you that, if it drops to E, you’ll lose a life. When you use your gun, it takes a portion of your air to use, so you have to use it sparingly. In order to beat the four levels of the game, you have to collect a number of keys so that you can gain passage to the next area.

It’s a fun game, once you get through EVERY SINGLE HARD PART of the game. There’s many easy ways to die, so you have to pace yourself. For example, when you lay down a bomb, run away or you’ll die. This sounds easy, but with certain rocks, escaping death is extremely tricky to do. Also, you have to do some rope jumping. The rope won’t swing, but knowing the length you can drop down on a rope and NOT hit the ceiling is tricky, plus, if you fall too far (which isn’t too high up in the first place), you’ll die. You’ll have these situations throughout the game. Plus, your air doesn’t last long. There are quite a few air supplies throughout the game, but the farther you go, the less there’ll be available, so you’ll be crossing your fingers near the end trying to find the life-giving air so you won’t die.

It’s hard, beyond a doubt, but that’s its charm. And, if you beat the game, you get to play it over again! However, when you play it over again, there’s an added challenge. All I have to say is, remember where the keys where? As far as I know, there are 2 other harder difficulties past the 2nd one.

Definitely try it. It might not be your cup of tea, but I found it enjoyable, nonetheless.


Edit: I replayed it again and beat it just losing 2 lives. I can't believe I still have everything memorized.


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