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Saturday, February 05, 2005

PSA for Parents at Arcades.

Posted by Dacquin at 4:02 PM
I went to an arcade to calm down, and instead, found myself hassled with little kids. So, I wanted to give parents a heads up on what to allow kids to do at an arcade.

1. Kids should play simple games, like Galaga, Pac-man, or DDR (if nobody is playing)

Simple games are the only type of games that kids can play and not lose so quickly on. This also disallows kids from running around the arcade, since they'll last longer on these games than others.

2. Kids don't need to play shooters.

I could write 2 pages on this topic, but I'll keep it simple. Kids can't shoot worth a darn (not that they should be playing violent shooter games in the first place) and will waste your hard earned money. If someone else is playing, allowing a kid to play causes more stress to the first player since more enemies will come out and the kid will shoot nothing except the good guys that appear and the first player will die sooner than he wanted due to the kid's lack of experience.

3. Keep kids at arms length.

All the people who are serious gamers don't like to lose concentration on their games. Kids will come up asking "What's your name?", "Can I play?", and annoy with "I'm not touching you!". Not only is this annoying, but will almost guarentee a shorter life span on the kid, so keep them closeby.


Ah...... Now I feel better venting this. Thank you for your time.


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