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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I need your assistance, if only to prove a point.

Posted by Dacquin at 1:32 PM
I saw something and I had to tell everyone that if we learned nothing from Baby Geniuses 2, we should not make a crappy sequel from an already crappy original.

And I saw this.

Afterwards, I sparked a conversation with my sister that they were making a sequel out of House of the Dead and she said "Cool!" (obviously she hasn't seen the movie, but thought I liked it. *snicker*) I told her the original sucked badly even though I never saw it and called me a 'mindless drone' because I should judge for myself instead of having 'good friends' tell me how bad it was.

After nearly dying of laughter, she got unbelievable peeved at me. She still thinks I need to watch it, so I won't be a mindless drone. So, if you could perform a public service, email me at and tell me how bad the movie was, it would be graciously appreciated. They'll be sent to my sister so that she'll understand that my friends did a favor in preventing me from seeing this movie.

I feel sorry for all you who did see it. I feel your pain. I saw Super Mario Bros.

2/10/2005 6:10 PM: Blogger Savage Alien said...

Ooooh. I saw that movie. It had Lois Lane from Smallville topless, and even a cheesy sword fight in the end if memory serves me well.

... What was the question?

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