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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Can you get out?

Posted by Dacquin at 9:18 PM
InternetI introduced you to a Dark Room. Now, can you get out of the Crimson Room?

These are two different games, just a coincidence that they're both puzzles that revolve around one room. Also, you've probably noticed I love puzzles. So, if you've found a game on the web you'd like to see posted, email me at

I'll have my classic video game post up tomorrow.

1/19/2005 9:35 PM: Blogger Nathaniel said...

Dammit! I was having a hard enough time with the Dark Room, now you're giving me a whole OTHER ROOM!?! AAAAAARGH!!!!

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1/19/2005 10:20 PM: Blogger Dacquin said...

I fixed the link to the puzzle. The problem with the old link was that... well I can't really tell you :), but feel good in knowing that this version actually works.

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