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Monday, January 17, 2005

Axis & Allies Review (PC)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:25 PM
by ArshrAAm

Finally, after some time without a working computer, I'm able to write something here. I had my eye on Axis & Allies for some time now and bought it shortly after release. This month, I was finally able to play it.

The game has challenging campaigns for both sides, a nice variety of maps and options for skirmish play and turn-based action in a version of the board game. The interface is pretty clean and simple. Most of the controls are at the bottom. Special abilities are in the top-left and the team bar next to it. Money comes in automatically, which I like. The build area is restricted to the supply area that grows as you place more buildings down. That area allows your units to repair and resupply. All buildings start out as trucks and can be unpacked and repacked as often as you like. Sometimes you get an AI on the same team. You can issue orders to them and get/give money or you can just let it go on its own.

The units are pretty neat. They're divisions of regiments and as long as they're linked to a regiment building, they can be resupplied. There's a variety of infantry, half-track and tank units to play around with. There's two airfields. One drops paratroopers and the other will send out a recon plane or a bomber. Units can be set to be passive or aggressive via 3 formations. They have a certain amount of morale. Usually, they'll start to retreat when most of the division is gone. Sometimes you might have to force them to run. The enemy will always run, so it's best to surround them if you can or be ready to adjust formation, so you can catch them.

This is a great change from the usual RTS games I've played. So far, I've played through a good chunk of the Allied campaign and a little bit of the Axis. Skirmish is nice. I still have to try out their version of the board game. I give it a 4.5/5.


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