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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Muay Thai

Posted by Dacquin at 10:14 AM
I decided to post something gamewise today called Muay Thai. Really fun.

The cool thing is that after you beat it, you can get codes to play as Ryu instead of the Muay Thai fighter.

And feel free to comment. We won't bite.


Posted by Nathaniel at 9:49 AM
It took an hour and forty-five minutes to download the World of Warcraft stress test beta last night. Ouch. But, I'm installed and ready to go! Just waiting for go time, now.

Also downloaded the new Evil Genius demo. Haven't had a chance to play it, but it sounds like a lot of fun, so I figured between all-night sessions on WoW, I can squeeze in a few minutes of Evil Genius.

On a side note, Graeter's Ice Cream is spawned of the devil. 260 calories for a quarter-cup of chocolate ice cream? That's 72 calories per cubic inch! Guns don't kill people; this ice cream does.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Graeter Ice Cream exists!

Posted by Dacquin at 4:17 PM
Yeah, bad pun. I want to plug an ice cream store that's based in the Northern Kentucky region called Graeter's.

This is by far, the best ice cream you will EVER have. I do not lie. The only problem is that shipping this stuff is EXPENSIVE, so I have to wait to visit my father in Cincinnati to get some of this stuff. But, it's definately some of the best stuff that exists and you will enjoy it.

Until you read the nutritional facts.

WoW Seven-day Stress Test Beta

Posted by Nathaniel at 2:13 PM
I just received a confirmation email from FilePlanet: I'm in the stress test. I received a URL and key to download the WoW client and wait for the test to begin.

Yeah, it's not the full beta, but at least I get to see the game before it goes gold!

Anyone else around here in the stress test?

Sunday, August 29, 2004


Posted by Dacquin at 7:05 PM
I've studied ERP systems in Accounting a little bit. Yep. Yes I did. All I got out of them is that they're a huge chunk of money and they're good for some reason. Maybe I should go back and read that section again.

"It tastes like BURNing...!"

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:55 PM
I had mentioned previously that this week (the one we just went through, not the one just ahead) was going to be horrendous. And it was. From my profile, you might be able to ascertain that I work in the IT projects department for my company. I'm a Technical Analyst, to be exact. Our company is currently in the midst of implementing a brand new ERP system into our worldwide infrastructure, replacing several outdated systems. For those of you familiar with the grand scale of such an undertaking, you may be capable of comprehending its absolute enormity. Due to this project's size and complexity, we often have experts from the various worldwide business units within the company flown in to our US offices for a week at a time so we can all sit down and discuss the system's design in detail, face-to-face.

What does this mean for us? Well, for a small-town Iowa boy like myself, it means one simple thing: "culture shock". I am suddenly inundated with various cultures, all--if you will pardon the pun--are completely foreign to me. We have representatives from every region of Europe, China, Singapore, Japan, India, Australia-it's absolutely insane how many different cultures can be brought together in such a relatively short amount of time and/or space.

I worked all this past week with one subset of the entire group with job functions relating to customer service, ordering, and planning. We had an energetic young woman in the group who wouldn't eat the food we had brought in every day. Instead, she brought several containers of instant curry noodles with her, and had that for lunch every day. Now, this wasn't some crappy package of Ramen noodles. No, this was quality curry noodles that she brought in from her native Singapore, and I was jealous. Maybe in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, you can get this kind of stuff on every street corner. I've heard they literally throw it out of windows at passers-by in the seldom-ventured alleys of San Francisco. But here in the God-forsaken grassy desert of Iowa, this stuff is not encountered frequently. In fact, you could even go so far as to say that any curry of any kind is predominently rare around this facet of the world.

I told my co-worker this without the troubling barrier of minced words. She was astonished, led to believe--obviously by some foul rumor spread throughout the nation of Singapore-that curry noodles were tossed unceremoniously to passers-by out every window of every city in the continental United States. Hm. Go figure.

So, on our last day together, this wonderful woman brought to me her last container of instant curry noodles. I clutched it in my hands as though I had just uncovered the last, most precious diamond in existence. It was a treasure to me. The container itself simply emanated worth from it's subtle, foreign-labeled packaging.

So, the other day, I prepared myself to eat this perfect culinary creation for lunch. It wasn't easy. There were no instructions whatsoever. It wasn't even that the instructions were clearly written, only in some foreign script that I was not equipped to decipher. No. They were not there anywhere. By this, it is my supposition that in Singapore, this stuff is so absolutely commonplace, that they all understand from birth exactly how to make it. The process is ingrained within their DNA, handed down genetically from parent to child.

In order to fake confidence in preparing this treat, I assumed simplicity. I dumped everything together in the plastic container and threw it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Stirred. Another minute. Done. Time to feast.

I once ate a habeñero on a dare. Though I cried for over an hour, that experience was nothing compared to this. I couldn't read the label to this curry noodles packaging, so I was very surprised to find out that it was actually called "Fiery Curry". Fiery, eh? Wouldn't know it from the fact that my tongue has melted off, and slid helplessly down my throat. It burned like the fires of a thousand suns, and I cried like a little girl.

But, holy crap was that stuff good! Definitely worth the trip to the emergency room.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

A good flash of this year

Posted by Dacquin at 6:28 AM
It was released in april, and I found this on Newgrounds and decided that the REAL first thing that I would show you is a decent thing on the web.

There She Is!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Only kidding.

Posted by Dacquin at 1:51 PM
I'm am not that out of date on my web sites. It was a joke.

You see people, he just doesn't know what's funny. That's why he's turned to the dark side.

2002 called...

Posted by Nathaniel at 12:57 PM
They'd like you to come back now.

What I discovered today!

Posted by Dacquin at 11:22 AM
I just discovered some neato stuff today! I wanted to share it w/ you guys!

All your Base

Peanut Butter Jelly

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Proof that there is a God...

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:50 PM
...and that he is both gracious and benevolent. He's currently overseeing development of a StarCraft mod for Warcraft 3.

Oh, how I so love the gaming mod community.

Things are going to change around here...

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:19 PM
But for the better! You know, not for the worse, like usual. The Evil Network has added (unpaid) STAFF MEMBERS! Well, okay, just one, but it's something!

One of the goals of the Evil Network has always been community. The old Evil Network (in its former glory) was just that: a strong community of geeks clinging on to the last, great bastion of hope in this dismal universe. And so...


Wait, what am I talking about again? Oh, right! Let me introduce our new Evil Network "journalist", Dacquin! He'll be posting interesting and insightful commentary, whereas I will continue with my trademark shallow and meaningless petty banter. Don't worry, he's a lot funnier than I am.

Welcome to the blog, Dacquin!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Online Comic Spotlight!

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:06 PM

This week is going to be horrendous. Sorry in advance. I'll try to keep up if you do the same.

Yikes. Later...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

That would be October...

Posted by Nathaniel at 6:49 PM
In case you were wondering, my birthday is coming up. I'm basically looking for one of two things for my birthday: Tales of Symphonia would be one. The other would be Mega Man X: Command Mission. If I get one--or both--of those games, I will definitely be a happy man. If I get neither--and keep in mind, this will probably be the case--I will cry. Especially since then I have to add Baten Kaitos to the list and pray that someone gets me one of those 3 games for Christmas. The probability of that event being orchestrated by the gods is less than the chance of a goldfish being the source of all evil in the known universe, establishing a secret goldfish militia, and forming an organized goldfish offensive on the people of this Earth, rising up to demolish all nations with their military might and devastating goldfish superweapon, the dreaded Carassius Auratus Auratus Apparatus, reigning over all civilization with a terrible iron fin.

Yeah, I know. I worry about me, too.

Anyone else watching this sham of an Olympics? I know I'm seriously damaging my geek street cred by being interested in something that is inherently athletic in nature, but how can you not watch this? I'm just trying to figure out how China has 10 gold medals to our 4. I mean, no offense to China, but how are we that far behind? I can imagine maybe 2 or 3. But 6? We got some serious ground to make up. We're the USA, for godsake! We should have 27 medals by now, all of them gold! Isn't that how it works? Eh. Unfortunately, because we as a family have opted to depend solely upon the unwavering signal of the antenna, as opposed to the iron fist of cruel cable, I'm in this whole Olympics thing for the long haul. I just hope it gets better before it gets worse.

To get back some of that precious geek street cred I've lost while watching the dreaded man-sport, Olympics, I decided to read through this entire list of RPG game clichés, not that it was difficult or unenjoyable experience, by any means. I've adapted for my own purposes Cliché Number 107, because it has to be one of my favorites:

Arbor Day Rule
At some point, you're going to have to talk to a tree and do what it says.
Stupid trees. They think they know everything, just because they've been around for several millenia.

Later, kids...

Friday, August 13, 2004

Draft posts are not publically available...

Posted by Nathaniel at 5:35 PM
Just a good thing to note for future reference. I had thought my new Online Comic Weekly Spotlight was posted last Saturday, but then a kind and observant reader pointed out to me that Wanderjive was enjoying a good 3 weeks in the spotlight. As good as the comic is, I'd really like to cut down on their exposure. I wouldn't want other comics getting jealous because the new kids on the block are gaining more air time. So, I checked, and came to the frightening realization that I had accidentally left the post in draft form, which anyone familiar to blogging may be able to assert is relatively easy to do. But now, it's up! Check out the NEW new kid on the block!

I've had a ton of stuff dropped in my lap recently, both at home and at work, so posting time has been limited. I apologize for that as I am often prone to doing, and this will not be the norm. After getting back from that week-long trip, and then coming head-long into a huge project at work, and then turning right around to go to the Iowa State Fair, my schedule is becoming fairly unrelenting. Although, I was able to sneak in about an hour's play of Viewtiful Joe the other day, and made it to the halfway point in level 5. Success! I'm making baby steps through that game. Viewtiful, slow motion, red-hot kicking progress.

Anyways, sorry about the issue with the spotlight, and I promise to make more frequent posts - not just one a week to introduce the new spotlight. I've gotta get more video game news-type stuff posted around here. It's looking a bit barren.

You could help, you know! Start posting some comments! I yearn for interactivity around here! AUGHHHH!


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