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Thursday, December 30, 2004

We need a LOGO!

Posted by Nathaniel at 7:35 AM
You read it right, the Evil Network needs a logo, and we want YOU to design it for us! Do you have any graphic design experience? Do you like to design images for no reason? Do you like to create corporate identities for fictional companies? What are you, some kinda freak?

Well, put that experience to good use! Create us an Evil Network logo that exemplifies the reason this network exists: a complete and total waste of internet space.

Here's the requirements:
  • Logo must be able to fit within the header banner box above
  • Logo must be no more than 1024kb in file size
  • Preferred file format for logo is .PNG, though .JPG will be accepted (I suppose...)
  • Logo must be simple enough to be managed by us monkeys
  • Logo should be able to match the different color stylings of each individual Evil Network blog. Achieve this by either making the logo very basic, or by submitting multiple logos that each match the color scheme of a particular blog (demanding, aren't we?)
  • NO ZIP FILES! Gmail doesn't like zip files, for some ungodly reason
  • Deadline is: February 10th! (date chosen completely at random)
  • Send submissions to:, subject: Logo Design Contest
  • Any questions can go to the same place
The winner of the contest receives the lofty recognition that comes with creating the logo for a world-reknowned website! Your design will be plastered all over the many Evil Network blogs we manage, and credit will be given, including a permanent link to your website on every page where the logo exists.

So, send in your work! Create us an online identity worthy of the moniker the Evil Network!


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