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Friday, December 03, 2004

Was there ever any doubt?

Posted by Savage Alien at 10:57 AM
After finding out I was most like Lara Croft, the boobs and accent gave it away I guess(O_o), I decided to take the Marvel Superhero Quiz instead....

As you can see, I got some better results that time.

12/03/2004 2:48 PM: Blogger Nathaniel said...

Lara Croft! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're a girl.

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12/03/2004 4:57 PM: Blogger Savage Alien said...

No-No, look! Wolverine! Grr! Manly! AND Canadian! That more than makes up for the Lara Croft thing. I am *SO* taking that quiz again!

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12/03/2004 5:03 PM: Blogger Savage Alien said...

and I don't get it. When it asks me whether I'm a guy or a gal shouldn't the result act accordingly?

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