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Friday, December 17, 2004

Marble Madness Review (NES)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:23 PM
Day 1: I saw, at EBgames, a copy of Marble Madness and thought; I would love to have this in my collection! When I saw the price of $17, I wanted to burst out laughing because that’s way to much to pay for it. The game merits, at most, $1.00 worth of gameplay and no more.


What’s my opinion on Marble Madness?

Back in the old days - 3.5/5.0. Today - .5/5

I’m not going to play the game again because there’s no real reason to, that’s how short the game is. Basically you’re a marble trying to reach the goal before time runs out. The time you have left after the level carries over to the next stage, meaning you need to conserve what time you have to have a better chance of getting to the next level.

You have to avoid obstacles, like getting knocked off by an evil black marble, avoiding getting dissolved by acid, or being eaten by jumping blobs. At certain parts of the level, you have choices between which road to go on, and either road will have its ups and downs. During the game, the Marble fairy can come around and give you an extra ten seconds on the clock. Depending on your luck, you can get it three times during the game or not at all.

The game can be completed in ten minutes, making its replay value….. ten minutes. I mean, it takes a little while to get good enough to go through all the levels, but after that, there’s no extras or other levels that make you want to keep playing Marble Madness. At most, you’ll be playing this game for about an hour. And there is no game in video game history that warrants only paying $17 for an hours worth of gameplay. None.

One last thing you guys are probably wondering is why did I give it a 3.5 back in the old days? It’s because I rented it and was uncoordinated. After replaying it a month ago, I beat it on my second try and was extremely happy I didn’t buy this game.


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