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Monday, December 06, 2004

I've had a couple days to recover...

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:36 PM
Sometimes I believe I'm addicted to the internet, so going away for the weekend without any kind of web access is always a nice diversion. Of course, even such a simple--seemingly harmless--activity as "going away for the weekend" requires moving out into the sunlight.

Whilst whittling away the time at my mother-in-law's, periodically corralling the 2-year-old boy as my wife created assorted Christmastyme confections with her mother, I played a bit of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance lent me by a friend of mine. It's a phenomenal game; and not simply due to the fact that it can actually be viewed, quite unlike its ghastly brother, Circle of the Moon, forever covered in a shroud of cursed darkness that light cannot penetrate. In reality, HoD reminds me even more of my favorite Castlevania, Symphony of the Night, the twisted tale of the Tragic Prince--Alucard--for the PS1. I especially like the use of the trailing shadow behind Juste's character as you move. Tre chic. I'm currently only 25% through the castle, and if the fact that it's a recent Castlevania game is any indication, I'm sure I'll be required to complete 200% to finish the game. I'll get to the end and something unexpected will open up: another dimension, another castle, another world, etc. I haven't read anything on this game in particular to know this. I just know how these games work.

In Network news, I'm going to redesign the Evil Network Comics so that the template and posts are a both a bit easier for us to manage. Plus, we want to be able to actually post in ENComics, so this redesign will enable us to actually use the blog for what it was meant to do. Watch for that coming up.

Also, watch for a cool contest coming up, as well. I won't say much right now, but those in graphic design will be the most interested. Keep watching, I'll let you in on the secret later.

As for other things:

I am so damned cool...

12/07/2004 3:14 AM: Blogger Savage Alien said...

I agree. That is cool. other news....

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