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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Alien Hominid Review (GC)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:25 PM
by Dacquin

October: I wanted this game from the moment I heard this. However, it wasn’t coming to any major stores, so I had to rely on Gamestop and EBGames.

November: It came out, but when I called both Gamestop and EBGames, they didn’t even know the game existed. So I went to both stores and murdered the clerks for them being clueless about this game.

December: I FINALLY found this friggin’ game. Finally! I didn’t want to order it online and pay shipping fees, but then, I found out that Gamestop had it, so I can review this game that I’ve been waiting a while for for so long. The person they hired must know what good quality games are. You guys do realize I am on a budget on reviewing Gamecube games. This is the most I’ve paid for one game. $30.


My opinion on it?

3.3/5 Enjoyed it

First off, I want to say I’M NOT COMPARING THIS TO METAL SLUG! Every review I read points fingers to Metal Slug. I myself hated Metal Slug due to the slow controls and the unbelievable amount of times that I died. While Alien Hominid still contains the unbelievable amount of times that I died, I found it more enjoyable.

The storyline is plain and simple. The FBI has shot down your ship and stolen it. GET IT BACK FROM THEM! Your trek takes you from the US, to going to Russia to get your ship back again, and a final battle in Area 51. A fat kid will assist you by giving you powerups throughout the game, but you never really find out what the fat kids have against the FBI or why it’s for the Alien.

I have to say that this is quite a enjoyable game. It’s all hand drawn art and it’s beautiful compared to the old flash game that’s on Newgrounds. Your weapons are a blaster and grenades (funny how aliens have the same technology as we do). There are a few different types of ammunition you can pick up, which will help, but if you die, you’ll lose it.

Wait, my mistake. WHEN you die. Make no mistakes about it, you will die. With most of the big explosions made in the game, you’ll never see a crucial shot that will kill you, but that’s the tip of the iceburg of how easily you can die. Most likely you’ll waste all of your lives and continues before you get to the Stage 2 levels. Luckily, you can start the game on the last level you beat and start with a fresh batch of lives and continues. Why they made the game this hard is beyond me.

The extra games are for multiplayer, so I can’t really review them without a second person, and my imaginary friend is mad at me for eating his slices of pizza, so I’ll get into the PDA game. The PDA game is about 200 rooms of using your man to kill enemies and maneuvering around obstacles. There’s also a Level Editor, so you can create your own levels. Also, like the main game, you can start the last PDA level you were playing on, right now I’m on 52.

I miss Contra, but this definitely fills the void of owning a side shooter. Now, I must reclaim Contra. I need to replay that badly since this resparked.


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