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Friday, November 26, 2004

Welcome back, Gordon. (Half-Life 2 at first glance)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:23 PM
by Savage Alien

DISCALIMER: This is an "At a glance" review only. A full Half-Life 2 review is in the works.

"HUZZAH!" for the release of Half-Life 2. For those living under a rock, HL2 was released last week on the 16th, one week after Halo 2. Both games boast superior graphics, physics, story and all the usual. Considering one is for PC and the other for XBOX, there are some things we can and can't compare but in the end they both have pros and cons. Cons be darned, I still see HL2 being Game of the Year.

I bought Half-Life 2 earlier this week and have been playing it as often as my school work will allow (Sleep...What sleep?) and let me tell you that I have become nostalgic. Everything old is new again, my friends, and the hot twin sister has come along. ...Meaning it has everything the first Half-Life (1998) had and built up on it making it EVEN BETTER. There was this area with a ledge and it just brought me back to when you were out on a cliffside in the original and had to navigate your way to safety while also fighting off marines and aliens and the like; You know the spot. The point? Wee! You're all in for a ride.

I can see myself spending hours replaying areas just for the sheer fun of it all, playing around with manipulating objects, picking them up and throwing them at your enemy, doubling the fun with the Gravity Gun which allows you to pick up heavier objects and launching into groups of enemies. *cough*saw blades*cough*

I'm making this into a mini review, so I had better get back to crowbar. If you're at all interested in Half-Life and don't yet have the sequel, it is my suggestion to either get out there and get 'er or make sure it's on your Christmas List to Santa.


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