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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Soul Calibur 2 Review (GC)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:18 PM
by Dacquin
Hey, this being my first real review, I’m going to storyline my experience with Soul Calibur 2 and then give you my review. My other reviews will have a better storyline and more indepth thinking, I promise.

Day 1: On my birthday, I received Soul Calibur 2, sadly I had no Gamecube yet, so I had to go out and get Gamecube to play SC2. I was happy.

Day 2: Hooked up, and ready to go, I follow gamer logic (push buttons and fight) and started w/ my favorite guy Mitsurugi and fought a while until I beat the regular Arcade mode. Thinking there should be a little more to this game I tried the Weapon Master mode.

Day 3-15: Through Weapon Master mode, I find out that there’s a bunch of unlockables and had to beat every level for them. Basically, I had to play every level twice to get a bunch of gold and weapons and items. Many times I wanted to scream being a few levels.

Today: My favorite man is now Maxi (since I use nunchaku myself) and am waiting for my sister to come over so that I can teach her that being able to play one game does not make her a video game master (she thinks she rules at this game)


My review basically is if I liked it or not. My verdict?

Liked (3.5/5.0)

Lots of places have given higher reviews and for some reason Gamecube gets rated a little higher (due to Link, which to me wasn’t an fun character to play).

My pros go to the fact that there’s lots of gameplay to be had. The variety of characters and moves that can be executed makes choosing your favorite character very hard. Weapon Master mode challenges your ability to face multiple foes and added challenges to fights. The Extra mode allows you to use many of the weapons that you can purchase in Weapon Master mode that enhances your characters fighting skills. Unlockables include profiles on all the characters, weapon demonstrations of each character’s weapons, and extra costumes (my favorite is Voldo’s Alien-esque costume).

I have a lot of cons that took it down to a 3.5. In Weapon Master, there are dungeons, and there are about 10 where you have more than twenty battles to go through to beat it. Most of them are LONG and tedious, plus the added fact that you can’t save while you’re in a dungeon. Plus after you beat the first weapon master quest, you have to go through all the dungeons AGAIN for more extras. My other cons are Astaroth, Nightmare, Ivy, Beserker, and Cervantes. They can kill you in 5 moves, and for me, I could never get back up and retaliate because they kept hitting me when I was down. That alone caused me to nearly break my own controller in frustration.


Easiest point in game: Weapon Master - Challenge: Fight enemy with block disabled (my kind of fight)
Hardest point in game: Weapon Master – Challenge: Fight 7 people without dying and your foes regenerate
Most fun point in the game: Watching Maxi’s Nunchaku Demonstration
Most tedious point in the game: Any dungeon that required twenty battles.
Best weapon: Link’s bug catching net.
Worst weapon: Any from Necrid or Charade, who really don’t have serious weapons.
Best character: Maxi
Worst character: Ivy (not only does she unfair fighting, I can't play her like she plays me)


Any suggestions on making my review better? Or do you have a game you'd like me to review? Or both? Email me at


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