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Saturday, November 20, 2004

No more Final Fantasies please!

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:21 PM
Dear Squaresoft,

I know that your Final Fantasy series is very popular and is widely appreciate, but I feel that you should stop making them. I mean, I know it makes a lot of money for your company, but I think it's getting old.

Let us start with the basic fact you are now at Final Fantasy 12. How many Final Fantasies can there be? I mean, which one will finally be the "final"? Plus, you keep making the same story over and over again that 'some person' must save the world from total destruction. All you do is slap on a magic system and a fight system, and WHAMMO! New Final Fantasy!

I mean, I don't find what makes it new anymore. There's always some love aspect, at least one good person dies, and the world gets saved in every final fantasy. Even monsters used in previous Final Fantasies get added in. Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, Phoenix, and many other creatures get put in. You think you could come up with better names rather than recycling them.

In conclusion, STOP IT!


John Noran


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