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Monday, November 15, 2004

Increase traffic by having friends!

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:10 AM
I checked the site stats this morning and found it rather odd that we somehow had as many hits in just a couple of hours as we normally do in an entire 24-hour period. Then, I checked my email. Oh, look! The weekly Monday morning VIMH Newsletter! Best way to start the week. Oh, look! A heavy plug for the Evil Network. Well, that explains a lot. I spoke with Bill Charbonneau last week about a link exchange, and he jumped at the opportunity to help us out (since we are--by my own regrettable admission--a "charity case"). He also said he'd be happy to plug us in the VIMH Newsletter. I just didn't realize he meant right away. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, like he needs a whole week to setup a simple plug. Well, I suppose I probably would.

Anyways, to Bill, I say "Thank you!" Great work! And to all the new readers, I say "Stick around!" We have some cool stuff going on around here, and even better stuff planned for the future, and a lot of ground to cover in our network.

Speaking of which, we're now accepting applications.


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