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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

F-Zero Review (SNES)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:22 PM
by Dacquin

This was originally made for the Super Nintendo, and is a real pain in the neck, but in a good way. I’m not much for racing games, but this one is an exception, basically because it’s not complicated. You can pick one of the four vehicles (Wild Goose, Fire Stingray, Golden Fox, Blue Falcon), play one of three leagues (Knight, Queen, King), and play it using one of the three difficulties (Beginner, Standard, Expert). If you can beat a league in Expert, then you unlock the final difficulty of Master to really test your skills.

I liked a lot about this game. The graphics were amazing, with a great soundtrack to boot. The tracks were challenging and there was a lot of maneuvering that you had to do and Master difficulty is a real test of your abilities, although I could never beat King league on Master, I haven’t tried, I just ‘know’.

The pains in the gameplay are few. Instead of there being 30 cars driving around the track, after the first lap, they appear randomly throughout the course ready to mess you up (it’ll tax you in Expert and Master trust me). The King League has two courses I NEVER expect to get first place on, which is why I never expect to play it on Master and barely got through Expert.

F-Zero is an amazing game to replay on the Super Nintendo, I recently got it from Gamestop and I still enjoy it.

My opinion? 4.1/5.0


Best Vehicle: Wild Goose
Worst Vehicle: Golden Fox
Best Track: Red Canyon II
Worst Track: Port Town II
Best Music: Big Blue


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