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Thursday, November 25, 2004

F-Zero GX Review (GC)

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:14 PM
Day 1: Seeing F-Zero GX on the shelf, I was thinking about the old F-Zero that I had and how much fun it was. Being cautious, I went home and went to and saw it got a high ranking.

Day 2: I bought F-Zero GX and played the first two courses and tried the story mode… and got upset.

Day 5: After being upset, I retried it, and got upset again.

Day 7: Still upset.

Day 10: Wanting to review this game, I sighed, and decided to get a little further in the game. I couldn’t, and so I wrote this review.


What do I think?

Avoid this game (0.5/5)

I didn’t want to say it. I really didn’t. But I can’t express it any other way. I hate this game.

What did the game have going for it? It’s beautiful. The tracks are wonderfully designed and the clips in the story mode are wonderfully done. When you receive credits that you get for playing the cups and going through story mode, you can unlock new players, work on your cars, and unlock more of the story mode. Plus, there’s multiplayer, something that everyone wished the original F-Zero had.

Now, why I hated it. A game that is challenging should be a fun challenge. This is not a fun challenge. If I were to actually try to beat this game, I would break about 4 controllers in frustration, trying to beat HALF of this game. For one, the tracks don’t have a real racing feel to me. It’s just hitting every speed strip and using your power boosts to try and get to first. I have to be LUCKY to even get in on of the top three positions. When I tried the second cup, I got 15th place on the first track and said forget this.

I tried story mode. Now, if you beat a level in story mode, you’d think you’d get the next level automatically right? No, they make it a more tedious process by having you need to get enough credits to buy the next level, which ticked me off to no end since I beat the first level and couldn’t play the second level until I earned enough credits through regular cup play. I got up to the third level and couldn’t beat it on NORMAL mode. In story mode, there is Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. I read about this since I’ll never know what Very Hard would be like, but I assure you, it definitely wouldn’t be fun.

A game can be fun and challenging. However, This game is tedious and challenging. I wanted to REALLY like this game. I loved the first F-Zero. But, I couldn’t enjoy F-Zero GX.


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