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Thursday, November 11, 2004 that the right word?

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:30 AM
In honor of today's two occasions--Veteran's Day, and literature marvel Kurt Vonnegut's birthday--I urge you to either read Vonnegut's excellent WWII novel, "Mother Night", or watch the superb film adaptation starring Nick Nolte. This novel, I believe, transcends the prose of "Slaughterhouse Five"; the book most avid readers will hold up on this day as the quintecential Vonnegut masterpiece with regards to WWII. I choose instead to push "Mother Night" to the forefront, as its delicate dealings with a complicated situation, and masterful juxtaposition of conflict and irony, proceeds to tell a better narrative tale, and with much more empathy and emotion. Read it or watch it, makes no difference to me. Just make sure you understand it. That's the hard part. There's a message in it that's obvious, and one that isn't. Try to find the latter.

I spent a few hours last night deeply embroiled within Halo 2's multiplayer. I'll post my impressions later. Just to set the stage right: I played as Covenant Elite.

You may have noticed the new Link Exchange box at the right. Or maybe you didn't. Whichever. In any case, it's there, and I'm setting up a link exchange program here at the Evil Network. It's just as simple as any other link exchange program. You link me with my banner (88x31), and I'll link to you with yours. I've already got a couple of takers, and I'm hoping to see how many more might be interested in giving us some traffic. 'Cause let's be honest with ourselves: we're not going to be sending anyone some major hits. No offense to you dedicated readers--all 5 of you, but we don't have the numbers right now. That should change soon, now that we're starting to get some press. I'll tell you more about that later.

So, if you're interested in a link exchange, please let me know. Warning: not everyone will be accepted simply by asking. Just like with the comics listing, we're going to be a bit selective.

Now, on the other hand, anyone who wants to pay for advertising here, well, we won't turn you down. Well, unless you're advertising something like hate. Then, we'll have to talk it over.

Later, all...


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