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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

That would be October...

Posted by Nathaniel at 6:49 PM
In case you were wondering, my birthday is coming up. I'm basically looking for one of two things for my birthday: Tales of Symphonia would be one. The other would be Mega Man X: Command Mission. If I get one--or both--of those games, I will definitely be a happy man. If I get neither--and keep in mind, this will probably be the case--I will cry. Especially since then I have to add Baten Kaitos to the list and pray that someone gets me one of those 3 games for Christmas. The probability of that event being orchestrated by the gods is less than the chance of a goldfish being the source of all evil in the known universe, establishing a secret goldfish militia, and forming an organized goldfish offensive on the people of this Earth, rising up to demolish all nations with their military might and devastating goldfish superweapon, the dreaded Carassius Auratus Auratus Apparatus, reigning over all civilization with a terrible iron fin.

Yeah, I know. I worry about me, too.

Anyone else watching this sham of an Olympics? I know I'm seriously damaging my geek street cred by being interested in something that is inherently athletic in nature, but how can you not watch this? I'm just trying to figure out how China has 10 gold medals to our 4. I mean, no offense to China, but how are we that far behind? I can imagine maybe 2 or 3. But 6? We got some serious ground to make up. We're the USA, for godsake! We should have 27 medals by now, all of them gold! Isn't that how it works? Eh. Unfortunately, because we as a family have opted to depend solely upon the unwavering signal of the antenna, as opposed to the iron fist of cruel cable, I'm in this whole Olympics thing for the long haul. I just hope it gets better before it gets worse.

To get back some of that precious geek street cred I've lost while watching the dreaded man-sport, Olympics, I decided to read through this entire list of RPG game clichés, not that it was difficult or unenjoyable experience, by any means. I've adapted for my own purposes Cliché Number 107, because it has to be one of my favorites:

Arbor Day Rule
At some point, you're going to have to talk to a tree and do what it says.
Stupid trees. They think they know everything, just because they've been around for several millenia.

Later, kids...


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