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Friday, August 13, 2004

Draft posts are not publically available...

Posted by Nathaniel at 5:35 PM
Just a good thing to note for future reference. I had thought my new Online Comic Weekly Spotlight was posted last Saturday, but then a kind and observant reader pointed out to me that Wanderjive was enjoying a good 3 weeks in the spotlight. As good as the comic is, I'd really like to cut down on their exposure. I wouldn't want other comics getting jealous because the new kids on the block are gaining more air time. So, I checked, and came to the frightening realization that I had accidentally left the post in draft form, which anyone familiar to blogging may be able to assert is relatively easy to do. But now, it's up! Check out the NEW new kid on the block!

I've had a ton of stuff dropped in my lap recently, both at home and at work, so posting time has been limited. I apologize for that as I am often prone to doing, and this will not be the norm. After getting back from that week-long trip, and then coming head-long into a huge project at work, and then turning right around to go to the Iowa State Fair, my schedule is becoming fairly unrelenting. Although, I was able to sneak in about an hour's play of Viewtiful Joe the other day, and made it to the halfway point in level 5. Success! I'm making baby steps through that game. Viewtiful, slow motion, red-hot kicking progress.

Anyways, sorry about the issue with the spotlight, and I promise to make more frequent posts - not just one a week to introduce the new spotlight. I've gotta get more video game news-type stuff posted around here. It's looking a bit barren.

You could help, you know! Start posting some comments! I yearn for interactivity around here! AUGHHHH!



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