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Friday, July 23, 2004

Pins out!

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:53 AM
And I'm feeling fine! Hand is doing much better now, thank you very much. My physical therapist gave me this big ball of silly putty like substance called--appropriately--"Theraputty." Wonderful.  I have to use it every day to squeeze some life into this tired, aching hand that has seen little use in the past two months. Putty-rific!

I'm hoping to get at least one more post in before I leave Sunday morning for Missourah, but there's no guarantee. I'd like to get next week's Online Comic Weekly Spotlight posted Saturday, but I've got so much left to do before I leave, there's really no telling if I'll be able to get it posted or not. In any case, everyone can simply enjoy the one that's currently there a little while longer. I have a bunch more comics I need to start getting into the Spotlights, so the more weeks I can cover, the better! I'll see what I can do.

At the very least, now that the pins are out, typing is a bit easier (it honestly wasn't all that hard with the pins, but it's just a bit more comfortable now), so there's the potential for a more frequent blog from now on. Not that two to three times a week is anything to complain about! But I try to give everyone their money's worth. =)

If I don't post again, then I'll talk at you all the first week of August!

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