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Saturday, July 31, 2004

I'm back!

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:28 PM
But not feeling overly talkative right now. Very tired. I'll post more later. Just thought you'd all like to know I'm around again and that I wasn't killed by a group of teenagers during a 7-1/2 hour van ride through Missouri. Though they were almost slaughtered. It came close. Very close.


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Microsoft to Test New Hotmail Interface (AnandTech)
For those of you that use Hotmail, Microsoft is testing a new user interface for the popular web-based email client: Microsoft is preparing to publicly test its new front end Hotmail, code-named "Kahuna" and simply branded: Mail Beta. The upgrade will support an AJAX-based interface that has been rewritten from the ground up using...

AOL Offers $299 PC (Connected Home Media)
Everyone's favorite dominant ISP introduced an intriguing offer this week: Agree to use AOL for a year, and you can purchase a low-end PC from the company for just $299. Although the deal seems like a bid to stem the flow of subscribers eager to get out from under the multicolored, dumbed-down AOL interface, the offer actually appears to be decent, assuming you're not into playing the latest 3-D games. Of course, you can get a decent Dell system for not much more than the cost of the AOL PC plus the service (about $585 when you add it all up).

Preview of New MSN Hotmail (Slashdot)
An anonymous reader writes "Here is a Preview of a new MSN Hotmail system, using AJAX. Currently in Beta testing." Most interesting is how the user interface more closely resembles a traditional local application. It's definitely a big step in that direction.

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