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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I can play Halo! You can, too!

Posted by Nathaniel at 5:53 PM
I played about six hours' worth of Halo this weekend, and did very well, if I do say so myself. We beat the reigning "Halo Queen"--several times--and I was even able to team up with my friend and beat a couple of the others who have--until this weekend--been relatively unbeatable. So, I felt good. I went home, went to bed, and dreamt of sniping rocket whores.

The rest of my weekend was spent reassembling our office. My wife got me a new computer desk for father's day, and it took us all of the 3-day weekend (when we weren't at friends' houses for barbeques) to put it all together and get everything moved back in. It was quite a chore, especially with only limited use of one appendage.

Gaming news is pretty weak right now, but I did find this interesting, inasmuch as the ongoing debate on video game violence can continue to be "interesting". My thoughts are the same regardless of who is pushing the buttons of justice in this issue: it just comes down to family. Parents need to know what games their kids are playing and teach them that they shouldn't play games their tiny minds can't handle. My son will be entrenched in a fine diet of Mario, Kirby, and other mildly entertaining, if not mildly digestible gaming staples for quite a while. My more gruesome Splinter Cell and Halo adventures will be done afterhours, when he is asleep, or out of the house. And when he's over playing games at a friend's house, I shall grill him on his game playing. What did you play? Nothing you're not supposed to, right? It's the same drill he'll have to tolerate regarding drugs and alcohol. It isn't going to happen during my watch, and I'm going to love him to death so he understands. Until I deem him mature enough to handle more acidic titles. That's my responsibility as a parent, and it's one I do not take lightly.

It's even my responsibility as an uncle. My 10-year-old nephew talks about all the R-rated movies his mom and dad let him watch. Then he comes over to my house, and I won't even let him play something as tame as Metroid Prime. Why? Because it's rated T. He balks, but I just tell him that in my house, I control the game playing. It's E-rated games only--and not just until you become a teenager--as though that's some magical indicator of "maturity level". But when I say so. And no, it's not some power trip. It's just being a responsibile caretaker.

In other news, I find it amusing that Acclaim is going bankrupt, but that's not really as funny as Acclaim losing their "claim" (pun intended) on some of their major licenses. It's actually pretty sad and pathetic that losing the rights to Turok and All-Star Baseball counts as some kind of "loss" to the company. Failing licenses should not figure into your net worth. In fact, that should be a part of most business and economic courses.

Well, I've spouted off enough today. Later, kids...


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