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Monday, June 28, 2004

Of games and broken hands

Posted by Nathaniel at 5:05 PM
Can anyone please explain this to me? "OK, so yeah, we're Interplay, and we have no money, nothing but bad press, and we'll be non-existent by July 2004, but would you please invest in our new MMORPG game? I know the current market is saturated with the genre, but we have a really good feeling about this one." I doubt Herve Caen could count to 10 without cheating somehow. He just seems like he has something to hide. I hate to say it, but I can't wait for them to tank. Then maybe investors will grow wise to the fact that you just don't put Caen in charge of anything.

Gaming news is a bit dry right now, with E3 excitement over and everyone being extraordinarily tight-lipped regarding new games and next-generation technology. Although I was able to dig up this nugget of goodness. A Golden Sun game for the Cube is supposedly in development. I was a big fan of the first GBA game, but never had the time for Lost Age. It's good to see all these excellent GBA games get their turn on the Cube. I hope Nintendo keeps encouraging that of its developers and partners.

Well, the time has come. After almost a solid month of no gaming, I'm going to attempt to play Halo this weekend. My friend invited a new couple from our church over to his house this weekend, and he's getting a bunch of us together for another Halo team deathmatch session. Evidently, the lady is quite the Halo player. Actually, I believe the term my friend said she used was Halo Queen. We'll see. Last time I gamed Halo (about 2 days prior to crushing my hand), I played very well. Better than I ever had previously. Let's see if I've lost any of that ability.

Note that I've added links on the right hand side to a couple other blogs I shall attempt to maintain, including a resurrection of my old online comics listing. This one will be much more sparse, as I will be very seletive this go-round, and I won't just be adding everything to the list. Only the good stuff gets in this time. People will be able to leave comments on items in the list. Feel free to suggest some more comics, and I'm happy to check them out. Hopefully this list will be much easier to maintain. We'll see.

That's all for now. Later, kids...


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