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Monday, June 21, 2004

About: Dacquin

Posted by Dacquin at 2:20 PM
Title: The Experienced Gamer
Age: 24

About me:
My life began in my father, where I was voted sperm most likely to succeed.

I’m only joking of course. My internet life began with the obsession of mIRC on a Dial-up connection, and then my life deteriorated when I went to college and had a T1 line.
I started to read a lot of webcomics. At one point, I had bookmarked 106 webcomics to read during the week. I now read about 15 webcomics, but am open to reading up on creative webcomics that focus more on good stories over sex, anime, and gaming.

I started my own webcomics, titled The ImuyumI Files, Nth Dimension (was Out of Bounds), and a college paper comic called Seeking Normal, which was, by far, my favorite comic. I don’t have them up anymore and doubt that I’d do comics again, due to my bad artistic style, terrible puns, and lack of interest in spending 2 hours for just one comic.

I’ve been a fan of Evil Network, and talked quite a bit to ArshrAAm and Dr. Setebos. We even started a group of comics called Outpost Comics, which was a collection of small webcomics on the web that included, among others, Checkerboard Nightmare, Angst Technology, and Voices in my Hand. The group disbanded due to lack of interest in keeping the site alive.

I’ve been an avid gamer all my life, starting with the Atari up to Super Nintendo and am now trying to get into today’s games. I’ve always played on the PC and have always excelled in most games I’ve played, except strategy games. If you want to challenge me to an old Nintendo game, you’ll be for a hard time.

When the Dr. told me that he wanted me to join The Evil Network, I was ecstatic. My main posts deal with video games, since they’re more my strength than webcomics. I love old NES games, but I can play just about any system. My favorite genres are puzzle and adventure.


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